Spring 2012 Style Report

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I had a crazy busy weekend. But of course I squeezed in some time to look over Spring trends. I'm seeing so many looks I'm swooning over and so much DIY inspiration it's ridiculous! Color me a happy girl!

 Nautical LOVE! Everything about this ensemble is amazing... I take that back... I can't get on board with the gladiator sandals. They've been lingering around for a while now and maybe it's just because my big ol' Fred Flindstones would look absurd in them, but I think they've gotta go. I can't even imagine the tan lines! But I digress... I am in love with Nautical. The navy, the gold, the stripes, it's all perfection. 

Ab fab!? I love this piece, bit I can't decide how I feel about that much skin showing. Clearly this isn't an outfit you wear a bra with and all I can think about is, one misstep and you're going to be pulling a Janet Jackson. As separates, this skirt is completely on trend with the color blocking, and I'm smelling a DIY coming soon!

The bold and the beautiful! These dresses are striking and I love them!  

So sexy and classy-I dig it!

Feminine and subtly sexy = Ugh YES!

Yummy pastels! Ok ok this dress is completely ridiculous for a Portlander, but it's inspiring a little DIY... and no, I'm not going to be making the head piece... or maayyybbee I am?! 

When you live somewhere that rains more than half the year hoods are your friend. But lets be honest, a hood doesn't exactly scream chic! This however is fabulous, and most definitely on the DIY list!

So lovely!

I am obsessed with this dress!

And this...

And this...

And this...

Well obviously I am in love with pastels! I love the femininity of pastel shades, they feel dainty! What Spring trends do you love?


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