Wedding Wednesday

Hello blog world :)

I'm back at this whole thing again. I LOVE the idea of blogs and I absolutely love to write. One would think that blogging would be a very natural endeavor for me, and I happen to agree, however life has gotten in the way in the past and blogging has fallen to the way-side. But here I am again, giving it another go.

I recently got engaged to my amazing boyfriend of nearly 7 years, and have started the whole wedding planning process. Ok, to be honest, I'm one of those girls whose dreamt of her wedding her whole life, so it was basically already planned... Except for any of the logistics. I've started chipping away at  the details and let me just say, WHOA! This stuff is expensive! In my mind I thought any more than $10,000 for a wedding was absurd. Clearly I was delusional. They weren't kidding when they said weddings are a billion dollar a year industry. Now that the boyfriend (I kinda hate the word fiancĂ©, so I don't like to use it)  and I have covered his wants and needs for the wedding and our guest list, I am searching high and low for cost cutting tips, outside of cutting half of our guest list. And as much as I love a DIY, the things that I'm interested in DIY-ing don't add up to much.

Any tips for cost cutting? I'm open to any and all ideas!