Chalk lovin'

I don't know about you, but there is something about a chalkboard in a kitchen that I love! It just seems to make so much sense. No matter how important the grocery list is, I lose it! I'm pretty sure little elves come hide them from me when I sleep. (Only half kidding) Being able to jot things down as you think of them on a chalkboard, making it impossible to misplace the list, is genius! By now I'm sure everyone knows about chalkboard paint. While the paint is completely awesome, for us renters, it is money down the drain the day you move. I had been thinking I would just buy the paint, when I found chalkboard fabric. The fabric is perfect for someone who doesn't want to buy a whole can of the paint for a small board. 

This DIY Chalkboard is perfect for a renter, easy to make, inexpensive, and really customizable to fit your aesthetic. 

What you'll need:

  • A frame of whatever size you choose, with no glass or back - I'm not sure why, but I always see these at garage sales and typically for less than a $1.
  • Chalkboard fabric 
  • Staple gun
  • Double sided sticky tape and foam

Start by stapling the fabric to the frame - You want to make sure you are pulling the fabric as tight as you can. I stapled in an L shape on the frame and then went back and forth between the other sides to prevent rippling. 

I placed each staple approximately 3 inches apart

*Note - Wait till all sides are stapled in place before you trim the excess off. If you cut the fabric to fit first, it will be more difficult to grip and pull tight.

Once your sides are stapled and the excess has been trimmed, place double sided foam tape on the edges of the frame (the foam tape can hold the weight of the frame) and regular double sided tape onto the back of the fabric. The tape on the fabric is as important as the foam tape, because it will keep the fabric tight on the wall.

Press the frame against the wall and run your hand over the fabric to make sure its stuck really good.

And then....

Write your grocery lists and love notes!

I love how my board turned out, and I love that I can take it with me someday or even move it around the apartment. It also added a little flavor to my hideous stock kitchen (you can check out my gross floors in an above picture). So what do you think? Do you have a chalkboard in your kitchen, or do the elves not come to your house and steal your lists? =)


Ps. The ledge of the frame, where the glass would normally go, provides the perfect ledge for holding your chalk.

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